The company organization is typical in nature, independent and simple in it structure, which offers a broad field of authority and interaction in the management system.

Tawakkal Contracting & Trading Co, has various departments, under the general management headed by well qualified managers, having vast experience in the management fields.

Qualified and experienced engineers form the basic staff of the company, while the respective professionals head the Accounts &  Administration departments. The Government affairs, Public Relations Officer.

The management, as its basic function controls administration and policy matters of the company and in the meantime promotes clients relations, business prospects and development of quality assurance, safety standards and labor welfare.

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The head office of Tawakkal Contracting is an office cum precast yard in Sharjah in the Northern Emirates of U.A.E  houses the office of General Management, Business Development, Estimation, Operation and Procurement, Administration, Finance and Accounting. Tawakkal is offering it’s services to all the Emirates.


Every Customer has different needs, and our management team is equipped to work with the customer to analyze those needs, create a plan to best satisfy those needs and then ensure that the plan is executed in the most efficient and effective manner. Each member on the management is highly qualified and experienced and brings with them a unique skill set that rivals any in the industry.

Procurement Management

The procurement manager conducts the business material purchases. It coordinates the procurement of all the material and services necessary for the smooth operations of the company’s operational activities. It is suitability staffed to man each of the groups with due consideration to overseas and local purchasing, shipping, and expediting and documentation requirements.

Personnel & Administration

The manager of the personnel and administration department is responsible for all personnel affairs and the administrative functions, the manager supposed by an assistant, is responsible for recruitment, housing, labor welfare, travel, medical and visas.

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